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When You Have to Read a Book Slowly....

brené brown burnout great books that change you limiting beliefs mindset Oct 01, 2022
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There are books that you sometimes read slowly because you don’t like them. I remember trying to drag myself through The Hobbit as a young teen and I just couldn’t do it. But then there are other books that you have to read slowly because the book is talking to you. As in, “how did the author know this about ME? I haven’t told anyone!”
I first recall this happening when I read Rising Strongly by Brené Brown in 2018. I had owned the book for a few years, but never read it. And when I did? Every few pages were a gut punch.
Because her stories about pain, shame and the human experience hit me so hard at that time. It was the right thing for me to read at the right time in my life. But I would read a few pages, cry, take some deep breaths, and then sometimes read some more. So it was slow-going.
And I know this happens to others, including with Brené’s writing, but of course, also with so many other authors’ works. When something hits us in a certain way, whether it’s the ideas, the stories, the language, it can feel hard to keep going. And sometimes it is exactly the message we need at that time.
It’s happening for me again, as I think about next steps in my life, trying to dream about what feels possible in a way that I simply never did before. Gay Hendrick’s The Big Leap is all about figuring out where you put your own limiting beliefs, your “upper limits,” and how to punch through them. And I find myself stumbling on some beliefs about my professional opportunities that have been keeping me stuck.
But reading it isn’t so easy. And changing my thoughts, questioning those beliefs isn’t easy. Or fast. And that’s ok. Because sometimes the stories and ideas that we read or hear from others affect us deeply, and they need time to marinate before we can move forward.
And that is ok.
And if you have been struggling with burnout, or upper limits/limiting beliefs, this might be especially true for you. But don’t stop. Go forth, slowly, but go forth regardless. Read slowly, journal, walk with your thoughts, talk through them with someone you trust. The cost of not doing so, of not letting big ideas into your mind is that you don’t grow. And regardless of the circumstances around you that are involved in your burnout, we don’t get delivered from it, we have to grow out of it, move out of it, and learn new ways of thinking. Even if you quit your job, even if you go on vacation or sabbatical, to change how you feel requires changes to how you think.
So read on my friends. Read that book as slowly as you need too. And let it challenge you. Let it change you.

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