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About me

Hi, I’m Megan. I am a Physician and Certified Life Coach, as well as a Recovering People-Pleaser. 

 I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and burned out for many years, and was (more than once) labeled "toxic." As a people-pleaser and a high achiever, it was easy for me to believe that I would be happier if only I was more successful, which meant working harder, sacrificing more, and you can guess how that worked out.
I didn't have boundaries (I didn't think I could really), didn't take care of myself, and I wasn't happy. I tried taking time off, I tried therapy and medications, I read and studied positive psychology, and added more letters after my name, all trying to feel "good enough."
Nothing helped.
Until I tried coaching. And then the lights came on. 
I now coach Physicians on the intersection between people-pleasing, lack of boundaries and perfectionism and burnout in medicine.  Too many Physicians suffer in silence, believing that they can't "fix the system" and therefore they can't heal from burnout without quitting medicine. The good news is that you don't have to fix the system to feel better, and you don't have to "stay stuck" either.
By training, I am a Family and Obesity Medicine Physician, Certified Physician Coach, Mom, Wife and Human.¬† I coach Physicians, with a special interest in¬†Women Physicians, especially those that would put "Board Certified in xyz, parent/caregiver, spouse, etc." before "human." I am a Certified Daring Way‚ĄĘ Facilitator, based on the work of Bren√© Brown, PhD, LMSW and a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. I live with my husband and our 2 children in Seattle, Washington. I love playing board games, cooking, and taking long walks by myself or with friends.
If you are a Physician or Allied Health Professional struggling with burnout or wanting to start taking better care of your mental and physical health, you don't have to do it alone, or keep hoping that "this time" it works. I have the tools you need to feel better, and stay that way.
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My Methods

Understand your current circumstances and stressors, and what you are looking for in your life.


Uncover what's in your control that is holding you back.


Lead you to the changes you seek while building skills around setting boundaries and letting go of people-pleasing and perfectionism.


You are enough, just as you are, but you may not be believing it....yet.


It's your time

Imagine enjoying your life more EACH DAY by learning how to make choices and stick with them, while at the same time being more compassionate towards yourself. Clients find that when they start doing this work in one area of their life, the effect magnifies and spreads to other areas, creating a more satisfying career AND a more enjoyable home life with family and friends.

This is not about toxic positivity or slapping a grin on your face.

It's about real changes in your mindset, your self-compassion, your thoughts, your choices and your perspective.

It's your time. It's your turn. It's your life.

I'm Ready!