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choice coaching comparison limiting beliefs overeating self-acceptance Nov 06, 2021
A mountain path splits in 2 with a sign showing multiple right ways by Gerd Altmann
How many of us run around in our lives feeling “behind?” Our finances, starting a family, knowledge base, skill level, organization, or time management skills, you name it. We feel behind. And we really start to believe it, so many of us, that we are behind, and somehow inferior. We look at other doctors and wonder why they know more than we do or have better boundaries. We look at non-doctor friends and where they are in their careers or how they have teenagers while we have toddlers.
What would happen if we could finally say “enough?” Not only “enough” to the comparison, but also maybe, “I am enough, just as I am in this moment.” How would it feel if you really said that to yourself right now? If you had asked me that 3 years ago, or maybe even last year, I would have either tightened my jaw or burst into tears, depending upon what location I was in.
But when I started receiving coaching, ultimately, I was in exactly the right place, receiving exactly the right messages, and I was finally ready to receive them. The tools of coaching are used to help uncover knowledge that you already have, deep down, about yourself, your job, the world. And we aren’t always ready for that; we’re not always willing to open that box.
But when we are willing, when we are ready for change, longing to feel “better,” we start where you are. What are the facts? What are your stories and beliefs about those facts, and how are those stories and beliefs causing your emotions, which are how you experience your life? If you feel like you are drowning, constantly experiencing negative emotions, OR maybe constantly making and then failing to stick your plans (this shows up as overeating, overdrinking, overworking, overcleaning, overnetflixing, etc), we’re going to start right there.
And we’re going to start with the idea that you aren’t broken, and you're not behind. You are right where you are supposed to be, at this moment wanting something different, and figuring out how to get it. There is nothing wrong with you that is not experienced by other doctors, other humans. You may have stories and beliefs about how it is only you, that no one really knows how awful it is, or how awful you “are,” but this is also just story. And stories that we tell (to ourselves or others) become our beliefs. And it isn’t always pretty. But it’s normal and it is still stuff that we can get into and clean up together. Including that story about being behind.
So, if you are ready, and willing to get into your life and your mind and start looking at the things causing you pain or holding you back, give coaching a try. It’s a chance to step back and get really clear on who you are, what you want, and how to get it. But only if you want to try feeling better.

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