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Out of Bounds (In the Best Way!)

charting coaching limiting beliefs mindset parenting Sep 03, 2022
I was listening to a recent episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Dr Kristi Angevine’s Habits on Purpose, Episode 28: Cultivating the Sex Life of Your Dreams with Dr Kelly Casperson (find it here), and I was shocked and delighted to hear Dr Casperson say that she was bored. Early in the conversation, she shares how, after 7 years in practice as a Urologist, she looked around and realized that seeing patients for the same conditions over and over again was BORING. Parts of me were shocked, delighted and impressed.
Because the truth is, that sometimes what we do, the conditions that we get really good at treating, the problems we solve, are boring. That doesn’t mean it’s meaningless, or not helpful. Simply that sometimes, if we are having the same conversations with different patients over and over again, we get tired of listening to ourselves.
But what struck me here is not the reality of having that same feeling (which yes, I have experienced…), but that Dr Casperson named it for herself AND decided to shake things up by stepping out of bounds. She shares her story of realizing that she wanted to do more, and deciding that she would do outside of medicine in a way that allowed her to better serve people by becoming a Sex Coach (seriously, go check her out here). And from there, a Podcaster and an Author.
I love her story so much. And what I love about is that she embraced the idea that she wanted MORE, that she wasn’t ok sitting back and being BORED, and she was willing to step outside of the confines of medical practice to do it.
And she’s not alone.
Women Physicians are stepping out of bounds all across the country. Building their own practices, deciding how they will practice (longer visits? Cash only?). Putting themselves out there on stages to talk about their passions (better sleep [Dr Funke Afolabi-Brown], better sex [Dr Sonia Wright], better boundaries [Dr Sasha Shilcutt], better businesses [Dr Nneka Unachukwu aka Dr Una], better jobs [Dr Lara Hochman], you name it). Coaching fellow Women Physicians through malpractice (Dr Laura Fortner), getting charts done (Dr Sarah Smith), doctoring with ADHD (Dr Diana Mercado), negotiating better contracts (Dr Linda Street), learning to love running (Dr Michelle Quirk) and so much more.
The point is, it’s ok if you want more. Whether that is spending time on a beloved hobby, creating a business (full time or part time), choosing to home school your kids, it’s all ok. There are ways to do it. What it takes is accepting that you want more. Understanding what’s getting in the way (usually us and our limiting beliefs about what’s “ok” and “not ok” for ourselves), and figuring out your strategy is doable.
You aren’t wrong if you are bored.
It’s ok to want more.
It’s ok to go out there and try things.
And, most importantly of all, it’s ok (and often necessary) to get help along the way!
Find your “out of bounds.”

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