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Celebrating Together Builds Connection

burnout positive emotions Jan 27, 2024
Women's Softball team celebrating a win in blue uniforms. Image by Keith Johnson (Keith JJ) of Pixabay

 I’m going to start by saying that I am *not* a sports fan.


But it has already been remarkable to me how sports events draw so many people in one place, celebrating (and cursing) together. 


Of course, this is not unique to sports. We clap at the end of plays, we share Wordle scores, we celebrate graduations.


But it’s rare that we get to do this in medicine. Because unlike some of these experiences above, the nature of medicine means that there are always more people, more diseases, more ailments to work on. In fact, burnout occurs in constructs that lack a “start” and “stop;” medicine being a good example. Sure, we might discharge this patient from the hospital, but soon another patient (or 3) takes their place.


This can make it pretty easy for us to miss out on the shared human experience of celebrating with others, especially if we are surrounded by other (burned out) humans in healthcare at work (and possibly at home). If you aren’t inclined towards sports, and the communal celebrations that ensue, it may be time to find a community where celebrations occur.


What is something that you enjoy doing that includes celebrations? And by celebrations, I include events that involve clapping, cheering, or even enthusiastic high-fives.


It could be going to plays/performances of some kind.


Or a new gym class that wraps up with aforementioned high-fives.


Yes, I get that this may sound completely ridiculous, but when we celebrate shared interests together, we build connections that help to combat isolation and burnout. It’s simple, but not too simple to make a difference.


To quote The Lego Movie, “GO Sports Team!”

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