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Beliefs Affect Our Bodies Too

coaching limiting beliefs mindset negative thoughts problem solving wellness Jan 29, 2022
A selfie of a woman's biceps
Last year, I was asked to set a goal as an example of how to help others set and keep a goal. The purpose was both to accomplish the goal, but also to change mindset around the goal. I decided on push-ups.
I have always hated push-ups.
I could not do push-ups as a kid.
I could do “girl” push-ups as an adult, but that was about it.
Still, I decided to try. And I had to choose to start believing that I could. That my upper body could be strong. Which is the opposite of what I have believed my whole life.
And so I mapped out the actions I would need to take, how to achieve the goal, which looked like a typical “30 day push-up challenge.” But this time, I also added some daily thought work about how strong my body was. Not waxing poetic, simply choosing to spend a minute thinking about my body being strong, evidence of previous strength, etc.
And guess what?
This girl, who previously believed she had “no upper body strength,” produced THAT arm in the picture above. I became someone who can do push-ups, and I am getting better all the time.
Why are you talking about this?
The point is, most of us, by adulthood, believe things about our bodies, much of which is not helpful. We might believe we are invincible and won’t get sick. Or that we can’t lose weight. Or that we’re “too old, etc. And yes, perhaps there are some true limits, but a lot of it is in our head.
Which is one of many reasons why diets don’t work. We don’t believe that they will, and we often believe we can “manage it” once we get to our goal, without working on our thoughts.
I don’t diet anymore, and I won’t. I don’t count calories or points. I do choose to eat in a way that I like, enjoying what I eat. I don’t go hungry, and I don’t eat when I am not hungry. And I don’t argue with myself about food. If I notice mental drama about food, I look at what I am thinking and deal with it, then move on.
And I believe in how I am eating. I believe that this is what my body needs to stay at this weight. And I exercise to build strength and it feels good and it will help me maintain my current balance. I’ve built the beliefs to be at this place with my body.
Where do I start?
So, if you are wanting to make changes, before doing anything with food, try writing out all of the beliefs that you have about losing weight, about your body, about what other people at your goal weight eat and do with their bodies.
Get it out of your head so that you can look at it.
And spend some time thinking about what you want for your body. How do you want it to feel? How do you want to eat and move your body when you reach your goal?
The work to do then lies in moving from your current state to your goal, mentally and physically. And having wins and failures all along the way. Failures are normal, but they don’t have to be a stop. They can be a check and adjust. They can be a pause. They are there to teach you what you need to learn on the way to becoming the person who is at your goal weight and stays there.
And if you want to do push-ups, you can work on that too!

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