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Ask for What You Want

choice mindset Jan 13, 2024
Ask for what you want

I’ve always loved birthdays. Though to be honest, having a January birthday can be a bit lame. It’s immediately post-holidays, so people are broke, skipping sugar, dry January, and it’s cold and rainy where I live in Seattle.

And being someone who loves birthdays, I always wanted other people to put something together for me. But of course, I couldn't ask for that. That seemed wrong.

And so I was often disappointed; you see, others didn’t know it was important to me (because I didn’t say so), and because I was usually the one who took care of “these things,” no one knew to take responsibility for planning my birthday. It’s a bind that many people-pleasers may experience; we’re so good at taking care of others that we make it seem like we don’t need any care back.

Now I operate differently. I ask for what I want AND I take care of myself. And I’m no longer disappointed. Which is why TODAY, I am off on a weekend getaway with my husband to celebrate my birthday (ok, and his, which is later this month)!

The point is, if you know you want something, you have to ask OR be ready to give it to yourself. This involves a few key elements; being able to name what you want, being able to ask for it (eek, uncomfortable for people-pleasers!) AND know that you’ve got your own back if others don’t come through (without cynicism).

I know what I’m going to ask for next; what will you ask for in celebration of yourself?

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