Feeling stuck?

You know that you need to make changes, but many of us struggle with the "what," "how," and sometimes even the "why."


You have proven that you can do hard things, but you don't need to continue to struggle to "do better" at work and at home.


You just need a guide.

1:1 Coaching Options

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Better Boundaries Physician Coaching

It's time to start changing your life. Without boundaries, we feel resentful and undervalued. We'll change that, together.

  • 6 sessions, 50 minutes each on Zoom
  • CME Available after each session
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Anti-Perfectionism Physician Coaching

You have work to do; Perfectionism got you here, but the costs are too high. We're ready toΒ  create lasting change for a more balanced life.

  • 12 sessions, 50 minutes each on Zoom
  • CME Available after each session
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Coaching Session

A private coaching session, perfect for you if you are struggling with a decision or want to give coaching a try.

  • 1 Session, 50 minutes on Zoom
  • CME available after session
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What clients are saying...

I was on the verge of burn out when I started working with Megan. Between patient visits, emails, refill requests, charting, etc., I found myself over-worked, over-stretched, and over-whelmed. I needed to connect better with my patients and connect with my colleagues. I had been working for 2 years at the same clinic and felt alone and disconnected. I needed to find joy in practicing medicine again.

Megan is a fantastic coach. She is a great listener, empathetic, and helped me to better understand myself. Practicing medicine is hard, but I learned some valuable skills to improve my practice, find more joy in what I do, and now feel better connected to my patients and colleagues. Much gratitude. Thank you Megan!

-RH, Family Medicine Physician

Megan is amazing! She has helped me transform my thinking in both professional and personal life. I have become more self-compassionate and am building a life that is in alignment with my dreams and values.

Thank you, Megan! You are an inspiration!

-LM, Pediatrician

Everybody needs a life coach sometimes, and the field of professional coaching is becoming an increasingly important and popular tool to help us get the most out of our professional lives while also achieving the work-life balance that allows us to recharge and be fulfilled in our personal lives as well. Megan is an amazing resource in this regard. She knows from lived experience all the challenges of being a busy primary care physician striving to balance providing excellent and compassionate care for patients, while taking care of one's own psyche and well-being. I was lucky have her as a colleague and am now lucky to have her as a coach, helping me to find insights into maximizing my wellness so that I can be truly present and centered in my work. Sometimes I go into the coaching session wondering what on earth we will talk about that day, but within 5 minutes of conversation we are able to hit upon some critical sticking point that we spend the next 50 minutes hashing out. By the end of the session I walk away feeling empowered with a new set of tools to implement going forward. It's an ongoing process, but it's so great to have someone who really 'gets it' to help you set goals and problem solve your way through it.

-SR, Internal Medicine Physician

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